Cybersecurity Career Awareness Insights

Cybersecurity Career Awareness Insights

There is a high demand for talented cybersecurity workforce. Data predicts that IT and cybersecurity will be among the fastest growing and best paying jobs over the next decade. Cybersecurity has something for everyone! Skills are needed from a diverse range of backgrounds. Cybersecurity is a dynamic field so you will never be bored. Cybersecurity evolves quickly so you will always be learning and developing new skills.

Checkout the below flyer summarizing cybersecurity career insights.



ApprenticePath has created a curated repository of cybersecurity apprenticeship programs easily accessible in one place. We are adding more daily!  We are passionate about raising awareness about pathways to prepare a highly skilled and diverse workforce for careers in cybersecurity to include expansion of knowledge and application of the NICE Framework. is an inclusive community with the mission to connect US apprenticeship seekers to industry programs. Our ecosystem comprises - career seekers, students, parents, counsellors, industry bodies and companies that offer apprenticeship programs in the USA. 


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