As a US DOL approved Apprenticeship ambassador, ApprenticePath is proud to support the US National Apprenticeship Week, Nov 14-20,2022

As a US DOL approved Apprenticeship ambassador, ApprenticePath is proud to support the US National Apprenticeship Week, Nov 14-20,2022

As an approved U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeship Ambassador, our team is super excited to participate in and support the 2022 US National Apprenticeship Week initiative (NAW2022), Nov 14-20. 

The eighth annual NAW is taking place this week. NAW is a nationwide initiative and celebration where industry, labor, workforce, education, and government leaders host events to highlight the successes, value, and potential of registered apprenticeships for re-building our economy, advancing racial and gender equality, and supporting underserved communities. 

The U.S. government recognition of our role in promoting, expanding, and diversifying Registered Apprenticeship is very meaningful to us as a startup platform focused on Transforming lives by unleashing the power of the 21st century apprenticeships! It affirms our role in evangelizing the apprenticeship programs in the U.S. Our platform’s curated listings cover all the below five NAW2022 themes. Using our selection/filter criteria (Bright Outlook jobs, Categories), you can search specifically for these opportunities. 

•    Registered Apprenticeship in New and Emerging Industries (Bright Outlook jobs) 
•    Pre-Apprenticeship and Youth Apprenticeship (Youth Apprenticeship) 
•    Expanding Registered Apprenticeship to Underserved Populations (Category)
•    Women in Apprenticeship (Category) 
•    Public Service Apprenticeship and Veterans in Apprenticeship (Category)., is an inclusive online community with the objective to connect apprenticeship seekers to industry programs. ApprenticePath ecosystem comprises - career seekers, students, parents, counsellors, and companies that offer apprenticeship programs in the USA. We are supporting and promoting the NAW, by virtual showcasing of a curated list of apprenticeships comprising 870+ programs, 300+ providers, 400+ occupations, and 25+ industries. We are promoting NAW via blogs, social media campaign and academia outreach. We will be answering any questions via our discussion board as well. On request we will conduct virtual walk-throughs of ApprenticePath platform to help candidates find best fit programs. We are also providing related content ranging from: Top 10 reasons to choose Apprenticeship, decision points when deciding to become an apprentice, and bright occupations. 

We help candidates make informed choices to find the best-fit program. Our focus is to help you acquire skills for the 21st century by highlighting bright-outlook occupations that are predicted to grow rapidly or have large number of job openings. But we also realize that there are several hidden gems in current industries and occupations that provide great potential as well. So, we blend in the best of the current and future. will rely on AI/ML technology, automation as an enabler to promote and scale apprenticeships programs. 

Providers: For companies providing apprenticeships (providers), we want to make it an easy, automated, and friction-free experience by re-imagining the end-to-end lifecycle via our platform. For example, a self-service feature to list your program is in works to enable you to reach a wider pool of candidates. 

One of our key values is “Service before profit to empower lives”. We want to enable easy and equitable access for all to participate and succeed in the US apprenticeship system. We are a team of global professionals who passionately believe in the power of apprenticeships and are on a mission to accelerate its adoption across the ecosystem. 

We hope you will join us and support us in this exciting journey! 

ApprenticePath team 

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